With my exceptional management skills, I have been able to have my clients featured in the below platforms. Understand, this is an added portion to SM Innovations; this does not necessarily mean that you will be featured on these platforms. If the producer or interviewee is not looking for your type of talent at that moment, chances are you will not be featured.

Right before getting drafted in 2003, the then teenage LeBron James said multiple times in various interviews, “I’m not gonna guarantee a championship, but I’ll guarantee we will get better everyday and I’ll guarantee we will be better than last season.” Of course, a few years later he was able to lead his team to a finals appearance, and as he matured as a player, he eventually led his team to an NBA championship! Well, I say the same, “I cannot guarantee a client placement in the below platforms, but I do guarantee our management skills are unmatched and will have you in better standing than you were before you started working with me.” My hard work and dedication is something that will have others come to you saying “I need someone like her on my team.” Yep, we hear it all the time! We definitely put our clients’ needs first.

Speaking of putting our clients first: Here’s an unexpected extreme situation that happened in September, 2016.
While working an annual Caribbean Festival held in Brooklyn, NY, everyone in our section heard something sounding like a gunshot. Everyone took cover and ran. The first thing I did was, grab my client (my client at the time was a tall well-built gentleman) and push him behind me away from where we heard the noise. The only thing going through my mind at the time was to make sure he was safe. Obviously it was not a gunshot, it was a heavy item that fell. I am extremely invested in my clients and go above and beyond what is expected. When excellence is innately embedded; it is something that cannot be taught. I bring that type of attitude to everything I do. All I need is the meaningful opportunity to do it and it will get done.