Soledad Maurice Innovations provides a wide range of production and management services to its clients. The services include the being main contact person, [ensuring pre and post-production duties are met, film production (through BOLD MYNDS Productions)], networking with key markets and industry professionals, managing media relations, and miscellaneous administrative duties. I have experience booking talents, organizing pre and post-production with an elite team, on- and off set management, and many production and managerial duties.


My name is Soledad Maurice also known as Solé, I am a nonpareil director and producer who thrives in a collaborative environment. I am also the founder of BOLD MYNDS Productions, a creative avenue dedicated to the youth and young adults. As a director, through BOLD MYNDS Productions, I manage demanding tasks on and off set providing a piece of mind with my hands-on guidance. I ensure the vision of the film is met and all who are part of the production play their roles in producing high-quality films. I have been in the theatrical production field for over 10 years and am now honing in on film production. TV ONE and Altice presented a film that I produced for Icahn Charter Schools STEM initiative, titled “ A World Without” with an award. With my innovative strategies, I help those I work with reach their goals. I go above and beyond what is expected and the companies and individuals I have worked with can attest to that.

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